A (woeful) tale of two websites

I spend a fair amount of time thrashing around the web looking for decent Welsh sites. Inspired by a recent shopping trip and a purchase of a new brand of Welsh cakes (cranberry and white chocolate – just like mam never made), I thought I’d see what the websites of the two main players in the transaction were like.

The fabulous welsh cakes  (that’s the brand name) were tasty and their packaging about as trendy as can be — so inspired I thought there’s got to be a great website, the URL is proudly on the pack … what I found was a disappointment. One of those fur coat and no-knickers websites (#1 in the WelshDirectory directory website type taxonomy). By this I mean a site that is easy on the eye, carries some links, has a few pages – and absolutely no content of value to the potential customer. ‘Contact us for details’ / ‘email us for a price list’ – why? that’s what I came to the website for! Really a missed opportunity for all concerned. A nice online catalogue and shopping cart, would have undoubtedly yielded a modest yet worthwhile order, much of which I’d have given away which would have further spread the word, generated orders … instead of that nothing. Sigh!

So inspired(!) I moved on to the second part of my journey across the web and failed to find my destination. The shop I’d visited was Snails Delicatessen in Rhiwbina, a relatively new deli which is obviously doing well but where’s the website? (I’d better make that #2 in the WelshDirectory directory website type taxonomy) – there isn’t one. Now I’ll set my targets slightly lower for the website for a shop. No need for online sales (that’s a different type of business), but I do want some information - contact details, directions, opening times and a little bit of eye candy to wet the appetite. Any whistles and bells like online ordering are a bonus. Again disappointment!

Next time I’m determined to find some highlights of the Welsh Web…

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