Hospital Parking – not so free

The decision of the Welsh Assembly government to provide free parking at all hospitals in Wales caused something of a stink, with English constituents justifiably decrying the injustice of the situation.

For the sake of cross border relations, I’m glad to report that things aren’t quite as rosy when it comes to parking at hospitals in Wales as the headlines may suggest. It happened that I needed to attend the University Hospital of Wales on the 1st of April the day on which parking charges were removed. Guess what, parking at the hospital is not free, as its run by a private company they’ll still charge for parking! I don’t remember anyone mentioning that when this story was being spun to us. That is also the case in another 10 of Wales’ 130 NHS hospitals and units.

Those still charging are:

Princess of Wales, Bridgend contract until 2011
Glanrhyd, Bridgend contract until 2011
Neath Port Talbot contract until 2032
Univ Hospital of Wales, Cardiff contract until 2021
West Wales General, Carmarthen contract until 2018
Prince Phillip, Llanelli contract until 2018
Glan Clwyd, Bodelwyddan contract until 2011
Wrexham Maelor contract until 2008
Royal Glamorgan contract until 2011
Withybush, Pembs contract until 2009

Take a look at those dates – we’ll be paying in Cardiff at the UHW until 2021 and the Port Talbot date is pure science fiction.

I’ve decided to provide evidence it the form of my parking receipt. Read it and smile all you malcontents!

parking receipt

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    Lol expensive ticket for parking, thats like 6 time more than in my country.

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