A little bit of unashamed self publicity here for which I’ll make no apologies. I was really pleased to be able to buy the domain owainglyndwr.info – a prime piece of Welsh related web real estate. I’d spent a long time compiling a timeline of the events around Glyndwr and the Welsh rebellion of the early 1400′s. The two main sources of information were a couple of books:

R.R. Davies’ book is an occasionally confusing romp through the early 1400′s in Wales.

‘A History of Wales’ is to me the finest contemporary written history of Wales that is available.

If you have any interest in history I hope you’ll take time to get to grips with the timeline and develop a feel for the people and events of this turbulent and seminal period of Welsh history.

If you have any opinions, reflections, corrections or additions then I’d love you to let me have them – please leave a comment.

Owain Glyndwr Info website
Owain Glyndwr Info website

visit the Owain Glyndwr website

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