Trying Train Times

Now I don’t to be a moaner or seem small minded or parochial about this, BUT, I can’t help feeling a little bit disappointed that as a country the UK sees fit to invest so much in the redevelopment of a St Pancras and the infrastructure to connect such a wonderful renovated piece of Victoriana to Europe whilst domestic train services remain so woefully inadequate.

This is one of those stories where statistics can be so powerfully deployed, so placing my parochial hat firmly on my head; I can confidently state that …

…if takes less time to get to Brussels from St Pancras than to get to Cardiff

…similarly, Marseilles takes less time to reach than Pwllheli

…and Liege is ‘closer’ than Carmarthen

Makes you think…

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  1. Lynds Maiden Says:

    I completely agree, you would think that we would be investing heavily into the train infrastructure with the current environmental issues facing us but instead we seem to be stuck in another reality. Lets face it before Beeching came along (and if a name was ever to become a curse that’s definitely one) the train services were more regular and more efficient than they are now. At least you could travel from South to North Wales without having to go into England! Ridiculous!

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